A thorn in each other’s flesh

For a time i thought long on how to write on this topic. It sounded catchy but the content seemed to elude me. I had  heard of this phrase from the bible, it was translated to people or nations that would vex the Israelis. Now as a man who likes to relate it with our … Continue reading A thorn in each other’s flesh

Tears run dry

Tears began trickling down as i saw that there were no escaping of this deadly disease. i had sworn never to tread in my father's trail but here i was, holding this paper that had delivered life threatening news. i could faintly hear the voice of th donor aide comforting me even though my heart … Continue reading Tears run dry


As i stood in the midst of the crowd , it had not occurred to me that  instantly my life would change. We often premeditate what our weddings would be like or maybe how in a certain period of time we would have attained so much, but not this kind. The beauty of it is … Continue reading Dawn


In retracing the path we call life i soon realised that i had finally gotten the final piece of this puzzle. Finally all things began to make sense as i looked into your bright eyes. I had found what most people are in search of  unconditioned love. A love so sweet that you can literaly … Continue reading Samvy

The treasure

Three people went out in search of treasure. One had a treasure map another used his instincts not forgeting the one who used information gathered from the locals. As they went each took a different route, their confidence bar were at the top levels. The one with a treasure map followed the layouts on his … Continue reading The treasure